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The pattern of work where a bell takes one step forward, then one back (changing places on only one stroke).


see Dodge

Double dodging

Two dodges rung consecutively

Double Norwich Court Bob Major

This is a plain method, rung on 8 bells


This describes a method rung on 5 bells.

Down knot

A knot (usually a bowline) which does not untie if pulled. This is to stop the tail end falling on the floor when the bell is not in use. Indicates to the ringer that the bell is most likely 'down', but it is always adviseable to check before ringing in case the previous ringer has mistakenly used this knot instead of an 'up knot'

Dyneema rope

A modern type of rope. Dyneema has a strong polyethylene core surrounded by polyester. It is low stretch (like Pre Stretched Polyester) and very durable. It is a little more expensive than hemp or pre stretched polyester but is rapidly gaining popularity in many towers.