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Remembrance Sunday

An occasion held in the United Kingdom as a day to commemorate the contribution of military and civilian servicemen and women who have served in the world wars or subsequent conflicts. It is marked on the nearest Sunday to 11th November, sometimes called Armistice Day. Church bells are usually rung half muffled for services on this day.


The rim of a wheel, also known as the shroud - the sides or edges either side of the sole.

Ringing Chamber

The area of a tower where the ringers stand to ring - this might be a balcony ring, on the ground floor, or an enclosed room higher in the tower. It is separate from the belfry or bell chamber.

Rope Chute

A vertical tube to guide the rope past obstacles between the bell and the ringer. Or a sloping tube to guide the rope at an angle, similar to a running board

Rope Guide

A circular ring, mounted above the sally in the ringing room, but below the ceiling to steady the lateral movement of the rope. Usually installed in towers with a long draught.


This describes a method rung on 10 bells.

Running board

Board, usually sloping, underneath a bell rope to guide it between the belfry and the ringing chamber. Sometimes called a slap board.