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Bell wheel - attached to the headstock of any bell which has been hung for full circle ringing. Usually made of wood (traditionally Elm), wheels are assembled in two halves to facilitate getting them up into the belfry where they as assembled. The bell rope is attached to the middle spokes of the wheel.


A whipping knot, or whipping is binding twine around the end of a rope to prevent it from fraying. Whipping can be made nteat by tying it off or sewing the ends of the twine through the rope itself.



A wood eating larvae - of several species of beetles. Infestation with woodworm can affect wooden belfry fittings, weakening them and spreading if left untreated.

Working bell

A bell which rings the pattern of the method or principle, and is not in the same position at each lead head (in other words, it is not a hunt bell or a cover bell).

Wrong hunting

Wrong hunting is plain hunting, but on opposite strokes to normal, it is rung backstroke then handstroke

Wrong Place Method

A method in which places are made 'wrong', starting on backstroke followed by a handstroke.