Available courses

A set of challenges to explore the world of virtual bell ringing.

A series of minor methods organised into five levels. Develop your ringing in small steps and earn certificates when you’ve completed each level.

Gives you a good all round knowledge of everything to do with call
changes, from understanding what they are, to ringing and calling them.

Learn how to call bobs effectively and in the right place, and
how to construct touches using all the calling options for Plain Bob
Doubles.  Suitable for those who are competent at ringing touches of
Plain Bob Doubles.

An introduction to the concepts and techniques involved in putting
together short practice-night touches of spliced, from Plain and Little
Bob Minor, through Spliced Surprise Minor, and finishing
with examples of splicing the Core 7 Surprise Major.  This course
assumes that you have experience of calling simple touches of Plain Bob
and that you have knowledge of a few Surprise Minor methods,
ideally including London.

Explains how to safely undertake basic belfry checks and
maintenance, including how to safely work in the tower, undertake a risk
assessment, check your belfry for any obvious issues and perform
basic maintenance tasks such as replacing a stay.  Before
undertaking any work in the tower, it's important to have completed a
risk assessment which has been approved by your PCC.

 Learn how to check and care for the ropes in your tower, and prevent and
fix common problems.  Includes:

        * Rope care and maintenance
        * How and where ropes fail
        * How to diagnose and fix them before they fail
        * Splicing ropes to repair them
        * Which splice to use in each situation